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know. feed. lead. protect.

Sunday School:

9:15-10:15 am

Youth Group:

Sunday 5:30-7:30 pm

We seek to not just teach our youth but to know them. This means getting to know their favorite snacks, hobbies, families, and goals.


We do this through discipleship, small-group time, and social outings. 



Middle and high schoolers are starting to developing their own thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. We want to partner with parents by providing solid biblical teaching, or feeding them the truth of God not just through lecture but discussion.


We do this through Sunday School, youth group lessons, Bible studies, and other activities. 


Leaders know 'more is caught than taught', what our youth see modeled is sometimes more important than what they hear. This means what the youth see us doing is more important than just what we say. So we model what it means to serve the church, have fun, get in the Word, and even ask for forgiveness.


We do this through discipleship, mentoring, our summer service project, and just doing life together. 


Scripture talks about false teachers, wolves in sheep's clothing, and how our own sin struggles can cause us to forget Jesus.


We help protect by partnering with parents in guiding our youth toward clear doctrine, biblically sound teaching, and by creating space to discuss real-life issues with caring teachers and mentors. 

annual events

 Winter Retreat - Ridge Haven Brevard, N.C. - February

End of Year Water Wars - Friendly Hills Church - May

Project Nothing - Friendly Hills Church - July

Labor Day Beach Trip - North Myrtle Beach - September

Christmas Party - Friendly Hills Church - December

*Information regarding monthly socials, Sunday School classes, and youth group are sent out weekly in the youth email between September and May.

Friendly Hills Youth Project Nothing 2021 Griffith's Game Night
Friendly Hills Youth Group Fun
Friendly Hills Youth Beach Trip 2021
Friendly Hills Youth Dinner
Friendly Hills Youth Ridge Haven 2022 Chess and Hangout Night
Friendly Hills Youth Ridge Haven 2022
Friendly Hills Youth Ridge Haven 2022
Friendly Hills Youth 2

"From my own high school and college years, I remember people continually saying, 'When you get into the real world'... but for our young people this IS real and this IS their world. I enjoy stepping into their lives and engaging with them and their families. My goal and prayer are for these youth to be in a relationship with Jesus. I pray they will KNOW Him and experience His love. That is something worth being part of!"

Friendly Hills Church Youth Director Amanda Martin_edited.jpg

Amanda Martin

Youth Director

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